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Artist Studio Garden Room

A challenging site with existing steep terracing and exposed to the challenging North Devon Coastal weather, Elemental designed and built a wonderful untreated natural Siberian Larch clad building resting on galvanised RSJs gently projecting over an existing flowerbed.  

This heavily insulated design requires minimal heating or cooling and its double glazed floor to ceiling windows allow the maximum natural light to create a wonderful artists retreat.

Recycled floorboard timbers were locally sourced to create a palette of patinated interior cladding with bespoke workbench and storage furniture to finish off this multifunctional workspace.

An ongoing project,  a new gravel garden terrace area is being created adjoining the art studio maximising the available views to the sea.


A planting plan was drawn for the new gravel garden and existing flower beds surrounding the studio to sympathetically soften the building and naturally blend it into the rest of the garden.

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